12/3 SJTW GFCI Extension Cord

12/3 SJTW GFCI Extension Cord

Attention Safety Managers! Protect employees and equipment from hazardous shocks and ground faults when exposed to water.
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12/3 SJTW GFCI Extension Cords

Our 12/3 GFCI Extension Cord is the industry’s best for performance, reliability, and ground fault safety protection.

Built Safe

Our GFCI extension cord is the only one available with an inline GFCI unit rated for 20 Amps by both UL and CSA. Our patented Power Tech solid state GFCI unit provides protection from electrical shock by interrupting the circuit to a load when a fault current of 6 mA or more is detected. It offers neutral protection, ground neutral protection, and built in surge protection for cords, power tools, small appliances, electronics, and more when they are plugged into the GFCI adapter.

Protect your valuable tools and equipment from shock with our Power Tech 12/3 GFCI Extension Cord. This cord is UL listed for use in the U.S. and CSA approved for use in Canada. It also meets all OSHA safety requirements.

Built Strong

Aside from offering unparalleled protection, our GFCI extension cord is built strong to withstand the rigors of worksites and extreme weather. The plugs are equipped with special strain reliefs that prevent excessive bending and separation. The heavy duty jacket is highly visible and provides durable protection.

Protect your tools from power surges and shocks with our heavy duty Power Tech 12/3 GFCI Extension Cord. Get yours from Milspec Direct today and add a layer of powered protection to your worksite.