50Ft Sub Zero 12/3 SJEOW CGM Extension Cord

50Ft Sub Zero 12/3 SJEOW CGM Extension Cord

The cold weather cord for tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers who put a premium on safety. Sub Zero extension cords have a working temperature range of -58°F to +221°F.
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12/3 SJEOW Sub Zero® Lighted Extension Cords with CGM

Extreme weather requires tough, durable equipment. With a working temperature range of -58°F to +221°F, our “Sub Zero®” cold weather extension cords are designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Space Age for Sub Zero®

Our special Sub Zero® jackets are manufactured with space age materials to maintain proper insulation and flexibility in the coldest temperatures. The jackets are available in pink, yellow, blue, and green for easy visibility in snowy or dark places.


Our SJEOW Sub Zero® extension cords with CGM are Indicates there is continuity in the ground wire throughout the cord. If the green neon light inside the clear connector is not lit, there has been a loss of ground continuity.

  • This cold weather cord has the latest safety features that all high profile & hazardous job sites require.
  • New space age cold weather rubber insulation and jacketing compounds guarantee this cord will remain flexible in temperatures well below freezing.
  • Molded-on heavy duty unbreakable, weatherproof standard 3-prong lighted U/Ground connectors.
  • Molded, heavy duty lighted green Ground Check connector and lighted amber Power Check plug.
  • UL Listed and cUL Approved for Canada; meets OSHA specifications for grounded 3 conductor cordsets.

When you need to power equipment or tools in harsh conditions our SJEOW Sub Zero® 3 way extension cords with CGM will keep you safely and reliably powered even in below freezing weather.