Safety Series

Extension cord supply power to a device when the power cord cannot reach an electrical outlet.

In many cases, extension cords are able to expand the reach of your household or workplace electrical circuit and make it accessible for nearly any task that requires power. Whether you are

placing your holiday lighting outside or

doing heavy yard work, extension cords can be very helpful. However, it is important to understand the differences between the many different types of extension cords in order to ensure extension cord safety, energy efficiency and performance.

When in the process of selecting an extension cord, one of the most important factors to consider is the power rating of the extension cord. This simply means that you will need to choose the extension cord that is capable of handling the energy requirements of the connected appliances or devices.

For example, for extension cord safety, if you need to supply power to appliances and electronics in an RV, it is recommended that you purchase a 50 amp RV extension cord.  

A portable welding machine typically requires a 50 amp welder extension cord for a sufficient amount of power.

Each extension cord has a maximum amperage (the maximum limit on the electrical current in order to be used safely).

If you connect a device or appliance that uses a higher current level than the extension cord, it is highly possible that the device will not function properly and the cord itself will overheat.

common types: 15/20/30/50 AMP extension cord 

As every household electrical device will vary widely when it comes to power requirements, it is crucial to pay close attention to the requirements of your device as well as what the maximum current level is for the extension cord you are purchasing, especially if you need AC extension cords.

For example, when comparing amperage levels of a typical table lamp and leaf blower,

the lamp will obviously require less power to work properly (about .5 amps). On the other hand, a leaf blower will require about 12 amps.