Don't Get Caught Without an Industrial Extension Cord

When you are shopping for an industrial extension cord, there are usually two things that matter most: length and price. However, an important factor to be considered when it comes to electrical cords is safety. With any type of extension cord, safety is more important than anything.

Milspec-Direct has been manufacturing all types and sizes of industrial extension cords for nearly 50 years. Our dedication to quality and safety are paramount and has been a large reason for success and longevity. We provide electrical cords to consumers and contractors across-the-board, including in the construction and service industries.

We design and manufacture industrial extension cords for many purposes. Depending on the application, the thickness of the cable and the jacket properties can differ making the cords safe for their appropriate use such as welding or stage lighting. Temperature ratings are up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit for stage lighting compared to 194 degrees for welding cables. We will also print your company or personal name on the jacket of the cable for up to 80 characters so there is no doubt who the cable belongs to; free of charge.

Milspec-Direct offers a wide range of other cables and accessories including an RV extension cord complete with lighted plugs and dual purpose connectors. Lighted adapters are also available so that you can convert 30 amp to 50 amp service or vice versa.

RV extension cords come in lengths of 25 feet and are suitable for most metered outlets in campgrounds and RV parks. Our Snap Cap connector cover provides protection from rain, dirt, and grime and can also be used to protect the outlet when it is not in use.

Among our latest products are our Pro Lock Extension Cords which are designed for use by roofers, other heavy duty contractors, and for specialty applications. A secure connection to 15 amp straight blade plugs is created with our patented Pro Lock Connector. And, the heavy duty body prevents corrosion, arcing, and burnouts for a safer working environment.

Be sure to check out our complete catalog of household and industrial extension cords and accessories. Our innovation in designing and manufacturing makes our electrical cords last up to 3 times longer than our competition.