Don't Make Your Own Extension Cords, Buy Quality Products Instead

If you have the idea to make an extension cord, then it is important that you first take the time to consider the safety hazards if the cord is not built correctly. Since power will be moving through the wires of the cord, safety is the top priority in order to avoid injury or fire.

Usually, the reason a person would want to make an extension cord is because there is a specific type of product that they are looking for and they are having a hard time finding what they need. Here at Milspec Direct, we have many different options for you to choose from, so that you can easily find the right cord for your project.

Specialty Extension Cords

Some of our specialty extension cords include things such as:

  • Medical grade extension cords which have been approved for use with medical products and in medical settings. It is critical that these products are reliable and durable, since they are being used with equipment in hospitals and healthcare offices.

  • Presentation extension cords for anyone who needs to power equipment during a presentation. You want to be prepared for your presentation by having the power connections that you need, which means that extension cords are an essential tool to keep with you.

  • Sub zero extension cords are great to use outside or on a construction site. If you live in a cold area and you are installing Christmas lights, then you should consider using a cord that is designed for sub zero temperatures.

  • Squid extension cords, or multiple outlet extension cords, can be handy if you need a way to plug in several items at once. With a squid extension cord, it has one male end that plugs into the wall, and several female options so that it can be used with multiple tools.