Find the Best Generator Cords at the Best Prices

If you have a generator or you plan to purchase one, chances are that you’re going to need generator extension cords so that you’ll have enough cord length. This is usually the case whether you need generator cords for whole house power or you need cords for a construction project.

Generators are great for powering your home in emergencies and for on-the-job work but along with choosing the right generator, you’ll need the right extension cord.

At Milspec-Direct, we offer a wide variety of extension cords that include whole house power transfer cords. While it might seem like choosing an extension cord of any type isn’t a big deal, different types of cords are more suited for specific applications and uses.

Choosing the right type of cord, and the right gauge, is imperative to reducing fire hazards and ensuring that your equipment gets just the right amount of power. Additionally, quality and longevity is important. Just like anything else, the longer amount of life you can get out of a product, the less money you have to spend replacing it in the long run.

Our generator cords are superior in quality, last three times longer than most other cords, and are made with a water resistant, flame retardant jacket, protecting it from the elements. We offer lengths ranging from 5-15 feet, lighted connectors to indicate there is a current in both the generator cord and the power outlet, and factory discount prices. At Milspec-Direct, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost. We’ve brought both worlds together so that you can enjoy the best extension cords at the best prices.

With nearly half of a century dedicated to the business, safety and performance have made Milspec-Direct a trusted name in the industry. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, have questions, need a quote for custom work, or want to find out about quantity discounts, contact us today.