How to Buy Extension Cords to Match Your Needs

If you are familiar with the extension cord industry, then you know that there are many different cords to choose from. When you are look to buy an extension cord, you should do a little bit of research in order to determine the type of cord that you need. Here are some types for you to consider if you are in the market to buy an extension cord:

Household Cords

Having a basic extension cord around the house can be very beneficial for small appliances. Many people find that they often reach for an extension cord for simple tasks such as connecting a  lamp somewhere that is far away from a plug, moving a fan to a different area of the room, or hooking up small appliances.

For these simple household tasks, you want to buy an extension cord that is designed for indoor household use. For example, standard two conductor extension cords that are 6 feet long are  generally sufficient. Just be sure that the cord is UL rated, so that you don't risk the safety of your home.

Outdoor and Industrial Cords

When you are dealing with power tools and other outdoor or industrial projects, you need a heavy duty grounded three conductor extension cord.  These situations typically require  a 12 or 10 gauge extension cord. These outdoor rated cords are double insulated and resistant to deterioration and abrasion from sunlight or moisture exposure.

Here at Milspec Direct, our goal is to provide you with the largest selection and the highest quality of extension cords that you need. Take some time to browse through our website, and you will see that there are many products to meet your individual needs.