How to Properly Maintain Your Extension Cord

50Ft or 100Ft extension cords have always been a great tool for garages, wood shops and any other place where a longer, heavy duty, extension cord is needed.

Yellow Pro Glo Extension Cord

Although a basic extension cord can last quite a long time, heavy duty extension cords are growing in popularity due to the need to reach farther and support tools and electronics with higher voltages. Whether you are an avid craftsman or just prefer to use extension cords for home projects, it is important to understand the value of having an organized workplace and the proper equipment. This includes having the right type of extension cord to match your needs and being able to properly perform extension cord maintenance for safety and a longer life span. 

In order to get the most use out of your extension cords, be sure to read the manual first to learn the basic of extension cord maintenance and also wind your extension cords when they aren’t in use. When winding your extension cord, you will probably want to wind the cord with the end first. If you wind the plug-in outlet first, you will just end up carrying the reel with the plug-in. By winding the plug-in outlet at the start of the reel, you will be able to easily unwind the cord, it will stay close to the wall outlet. By doing the proper steps to extension cord maintenance to your 50Ft extension cord or 100Ft extension cord, you will be able to greatly increase the lifespan as well as the effectiveness of the extension cord. 

Whether you own one extension cord or 50 extension cords, one of the most important things to remember is to never leave your extension cord outside. In general, it is always wise to keep any tools or yard equipment away from the elements of the outdoors. If you must use an extension cord outside, be sure that it is specifically designed for the outdoors. By leaving extension cords out in the elements, this will effectively reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of the cord very quickly. You will likely have to buy extension cords more often the longer you leave them in the wrong places.  By following these simple tips of extension cord maintenance as well as using it properly, you will certainly be able to prolong the life of the cord itself. 

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