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By: Dan Mulcahy

June, 2011


Multi Outlet Power Distribution Cord for Low Wattage Applications

LED Lighting Multi-Outlet Power Distribution Cord

Milspec Direct announces a new 30Ft 16-Gauge Multi-Outlet Power Distribution Cord designed exclusively for LED, fluorescent or other low voltage power needs. Contractors who set up displays for trade shows, sound sets or orchestras use these multi-outlet cords to provide convenient stringer outlets.

The majority of the multi-outlet power distribution cords on the market today are designed for heavy duty applications with much higher voltage requirements. “We ought to know, because we’re the manufacturer” said Milspec’s President, Galen Ho’o. They are “overkill” for the majority of today’s LED and fluorescent applications, according to Ho’o.

“During the development phase of this new product we consulted industry representatives including Mobile DJ’s, lighting operators, stage managers, production directors and events planners. From their individual feedback and our focus groups one fact stood out. Everything pointed to the need for a competitively priced, multi-outlet, power distribution cord with two critical requirements. First, it had to be light enough to easily carry, deploy and store. Second, it had to be rugged enough to ensure safe reliable amperage transmission over a tremendously wide range of environments and applications. “Our new LED Lighting Multi-Outlet Power Distribution Cord specifically addresses those requirements,” declared Ho’o.



  • A special multi-outlet extension cord designed with six (6) standard 15A-125V grounded outlets molded at 5ft. intervals on a 30Ft cord plus one additional outlet 2.5Ft from the cord’s end.

  • The heavy duty male plug and female connector are molded on and will not pull off.

  • Each outlet incorporates a heavy duty nylon pre-mold which guarantees a connection each and every time an outlet is used.

  • Each outlet includes twin winglets for attaching, mounting or hanging the cord during installation or use.


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Currently available at www.milspecdirect.com or call 800-279-3817, ext. 4816.

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Milspec Direct is the Internet Division of Milspec Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical wire cable products and their accessories. Founded in 1965, Milspec has established a solid reputation over the past four decades for manufacturing quality products. Their pioneering ideas and emphasis on "Safety First" have made Milspec a trusted name for contractors and consumers who demand the very best.

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