No Gas, No Power = Generator Extension Cord

You never know when the weather will hit you. Weather forecasters will try to inform you of new fronts and warn you if there is suspected inclement weather in the near future. But sadly, this news is not always accurate (or you may not hear it in time or suffer a completely unexpected outage) and you can quickly find yourself in the dark due to a power outage.

Heavy Duty portable generators normally rely on fuel for their operation in order to restore power to your home or business. Not everyone is fully prepared for a power failure and if you have forgotten to replenish your fuel supply, you may be relying on flashlights and candles to get around your premises.

Milspec-Direct offers a generator extension cord designed specifically for heavy duty generators.

Complete with a professionally engineered temporary power switch and outlet generator cord, you can restore power to your home or business with a flick of a switch. Once the cord is connected to the main power panel, simply engage the conversion switch and power will be immediately restored to your home through your heavy duty generator.

This is just one of the many innovative products that are offered by Milspec-Direct, a leader in the manufacturing of electrical cords. For nearly 50 years, we have supplied state of the art extension cords throughout the United States and the life span of our cords is up to 3 times longer than our nearest competitors. Another perk is that you can purchase from us at factory direct prices.

Other Milspec-Direct products available are:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interruption or GFCI extension cords that detect an overload of power and immediately shut down to avoid electrical shock. A reset feature is included so that machinery that was operating at the time of overload will not restart automatically.
  • 50 amp extension cords that allow you to plug in your deluxe motor home with ease to power your larger household appliances and electrical equipment including computers. Equipped with Pro-Grip handles, a safer connect and disconnect makes it easier to plug in with a up to a 30 foot range.

Our product range is vast and residents, business owners and contractors alike can take advantage of quality made electrical cords manufactured by Milspec-Direct. Check out our clearance center for amazing deals on a number of different products and accessories.