10W Cordless LED Work Light

10W Cordless LED Work Light

Our 10W Rechargeable LED covers 25 square feet with 800 lumens of light.
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Power Tech® 10W 800 Lumens Cordless LED Work Light

Our Power Tech® 10W Cordless LED Work Light delivers bright, vibrant illumination in a convenient, portable package. When you need a temporary light source in your home, workspace, or even outside, we have just the light for you.

Bright as Day

Shine a light on what you’re working on with our easy to use rechargeable LED work light. Our light utilizes the most advanced, state of the art lithium ion battery system to deliver dependable, long-lasting illumination. These versatile lights can be used to brighten up campsites, worksites, and more. Our 10W model can brighten up to 25 sq. ft of work area with 800 lumens of light.

Mobile Illumination

The rechargeable battery means you can use the work light over and over, and without the limitations of a cord. The battery provides three hours of continuous use between charges. The LED chip itself is rated to provide up to 50,000 hours of illumination over the life of the lamp.

Our Mighty Mite™ 10W Cordless LED Work Light is ideal for use around the home or workspace. Its compact size allows for easy storage in your trunk or cargo area, ready for convenient use when needed. Call Milspec Direct today to order yours and shine a light on your next worksite.