Safety First! Your Holiday Lighting Displays Should Attract Admirers, Not Firemen

Whether your holiday of choice is Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or Kwanzaa, the season is a time for elaborate outdoor displays with light sets, sculptures and ornaments.

Using the latest software, homeowners and businesses alike design and create technologically advanced displays, with animated figures, syncopated lights and synchronized music. LED lights are quickly gaining popularity due to their low energy usage (about one tenth the energy consumption of incandescent bulbs), very long lifetimes, and low maintenance. Colored LEDs are also far more efficient at producing light than their colored incandescent counterparts. Computerized synch-to-music lights draw less power because the lights are not all in use at the same time.

However, old school or new tech, all displays have one thing in common. From Frosty on the front lawn to Rudolph on the roof, everything is powered by electricity. is your online source for everything you need for connection to power your masterpiece, including Outdoor Extension Cords, Multi-Outlet Cords, GFCI Adapters and Grounded Surge Strips.

Flexible Holiday Extension Cord as a Holiday Lighting Safety Precaution

Each year, the wire and cable manufacturer releases a Holiday Extension Cord with a Forest Green jacket color that blends into most display backgrounds. It was created considering the holiday lighting safety precautions to secure a danger free holiday celebration. Holiday Extension Cord has a cold weather jacket that remains flexible in temperatures well below freezing for easy use and coiling in the severest weather conditions. The clear, lighted plug visually confirms power is on, for easier troubleshooting. This special extension cord is available in convenient 15, 40 and 75 foot lengths for versatility and optimum placement of your display’s components.

For large displays, one piece of holiday lighting safety advice from Milspec Direct is to avoid a yard full of crisscrossing extension cords. You can circumvent this unsightly safety hazard altogether with Milspec’s Multi-Outlet LED Lighting Cords. Ten (10) single inline outlets, spaced at 5 foot intervals, provide power along the length of the cord for multiple LED lighting systems or other low amperage applications. Lightweight and extra-flexible, these multi-outlet cords are 50 feet long. They are available in Forest Green or Arctic White, making them ideal for your holiday lighting applications.

Another holiday lighting safety tip for elaborate displays with more significant power requirements, consider Milspec’s white Pro Cap™ Multi-Outlet Extension Cords. Five (5) outlets, spaced at 10ft. intervals, provide power along the length of the cord for multiple connections. Each outlet features a Pro Cap™ cover that keeps out snow, dirt and moisture when not in use. These cords connect with standard extension cords or with other Pro Cap™ cords. Milspec’s proprietary design creates a more secure connection when linked with other Pro Cap™ cords by creating suction between the plug and connector. Like all Milspec cords, they are manufactured with cold weather insulation and jacketing compounds for extra flexibility in temperatures well below freezing.

Remember that your display will be exposed to the elements and will most likely get wet, so another holiday lighting safety suggestion is to always use lights that are UL Approved for Indoor/Outdoor Use. Deploy the properly approved extension cords and always plug them into an electrical outlet protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI. When a sufficient number of GFCI-protected outlets aren’t available, Milspec strongly recommends you add the protection yourself, with GFCI Adapters. PowerTech® 20A GFCI Adapters instantly convert any standard extension cord or outlet into one with Ground Fault Circuit Interruption protection. They’re the best in the industry for applications that require ground fault safety protection, maximum performance and reliability. The GFCI solid state construction provides years of trouble free protection and interrupts the electrical circuit to a load when a fault circuit of 6mA or more is detected. PowerTech® GFCI’s need to be manually reset after a trip incident, an important feature that prevents the equipment from restarting unattended after the incident.

In addition to your holiday lighting safety warnings and precautions, if your display trips a breaker don't just flip it back; reduce the load of that circuit by plugging some of your light strings into a different outlet. As an extra deterrent to overload, and to protect your lights from voltage spikes, plug them into a surge protector. Milspec Direct has a variety of Grounded Surge Protectors that are designed for outdoor use, such as their 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 1200 Joules protection. Three of the eight outlets are Transformer Charging Stations, intentionally spaced to accommodate bulky charging bricks. Other features include a rocker type lighted On/Off switch, built in circuit breaker to prevent overloads, lighted LED surge indicator, 330V clamping voltage and EMI/RFI protection.

Holiday light displays are all about sharing the season with your neighbors, not the fire department. Decorate with safety in mind and consider holiday lighting safety measures. Browse through Milspec Direct and enjoy the accolades that come your way.