What is the Difference Between Basic and Industrial Extension Cords?

There is a big difference in the quality and structure of basic extension cords and industrial extension cords, and it is important that you understand the differences if you are in the market to buy an extension cord. Some people make the mistake of buying the cheapest cord they can find, only to result in a situation where the cord isn't sufficient for the needs of the project.

Heavy Duty High Quality Extension Cord

Using an extension cord with a heavy duty rating is very important for industrial or construction type of work. These cords are stronger and more durable, which is needed when they are being used around the work site.

Many work sites use longer cords, such as a 50 ft extension cord because it can be so helpful around the work site. But this type of cord is often heavily used, which means that it needs to be durable and a high quality extension cord in order to last for a longer period of time. These heavy duty cords are often double insulated, so that they can hold up against the wear and tear that occurs on the work site.

Power Tool Cords

These heavy duty options are great for power tools and other equipment that you are using on a regular basis. Some of the items that you might consider for your work site include the yellow jacket extension cords for outdoor work, or surge protector joules to prevent electrical surges in the construction office.

If you are looking for high rated extension cords for your work site, then you have come to the right place!

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