Why a Roof and Gutter De-Icing System is Important

Do you live in a cold weather area with a lot of snow and ice? These harsh weather elements require that you take a proactive approach to protect your home because the snow and ice can cause damage if you aren't careful. Many people assume that their home is fine during any season of the year, but the truth is that the snow and ice can be very damaging which could result in major repairs. One way to avoid these problems is by using a roof heat line de-icer cable.

Mitigate severe and expensive damage caused by excess snow on roofs and ice buildup in gutters! Roof damage caused by snow and frozen gutters can be avoided by installing our Roof and Gutter Heating Cables.

Why Roof and Gutter De-Icing is Needed

When it is cold enough to freeze, it is possible for the water to seep into cracks in the roof. For example, some people have crevices and angles to their roof, and certain areas might cause the water the pool up. The problem is that the snow or ice can melt into water, then the water pools into the cracks, and it expands when it is cold enough to freeze again.

This pattern can repeat over and over again during the winter. The sun will come up during the day and start to melt the snow and ice, but it will quickly turn to freezing temperatures when it gets dark again. The freezing water will cause bigger cracks and crevices in the roof, which could result in a leaky roof.

The Solution: Roof De-Icing

You don't have the time to get up on your roof to remove the snow, and a better option is to melt the snow with a snow melting cable. These cables are some of the most dependable rooftop de-icing systems, because they keep certain areas of the roof just warm enough to prevent the water from freezing. They are very safe to use, and keep your home protected from cold-weather damage.

You can have a professional install a roof and gutter de-icing and snow melting cable, or there are some DIY options if you don't want to pay a professional. Here at Milspec Direct we have the equipment that you need, contact us today!