Why RV Extension Cords are Important to Have on the Road

When you are on the road in your RV, there are a few items that can make the traveling easier and more convenient. RV extension cords are a good example of something that many people don't think about packing, but they quickly discover that a 30 amp extension cord could be beneficial in certain situations. You never know what you are going to encounter on the road, and it can be nice to be able to hook up power a distance away from your RV.

Unique Aspects of RV Electricity

When you are managing electricity with your RV, you need to be aware of the power levels that you are working with in order to make sure that you are using the right type of extension cord. You may need something as small as 15 amps of power to as high as a 50 amp extension cord, depending on the type of project that you are working on.

Using the right type of extension cord helps you to avoid shorting it out while you are using it, and the right length will allow you to move your power around the area where the RV is parked. You can have the benefit of using your RV appliances whenever they are needed, as well as hooking up any other water or electric tools. Mobile home extension cords are similar to the cords that you would use for an RV, and they can often be interchanged.

Choosing the Right Extension Cord

When selecting an extension cord, you should consider things such as the length of the cord as well as the amps of power that are needed. You might consider other accessories as well, such as GFCI extension cords or a monster surge protector to protect your appliances and tools from unexpected surges in power. Since you will be using unfamiliar power sources in different locations, it is a good idea to protect your equipment by using a surge protector.

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